The Peruvian Institute of Cadaster (IPDC), is a private Peruvian company whose main goal is to carry out diverse types of consultancies related to the geographical information. For that, it executes researches at national level, in all the fields of the economic development of the country.

The IPDC carries out the acquisition and processing of urban and rural information and it implements the databases that later will serve as primary information for the elaboration of projects in geographical delimitation, censuses, researches in environment field, surveys, domiciliary certification, taxation, personnel training, among others.

The IPDC possesses graphic and alphanumeric databases that it constantly upgrades by means of: restitution of air photography, satellite image processing, topographical surveys, software and surveys development, in those which, the quality control is permanent.

The IPDC possesses a wide appropriate organization to develop different types of consultancies, having the following technical areas:

  • Cadaster
  • Topography and Geodesy
  • Environment
  • GIS and Systems
  • Surveys
  • Training
  • Special projects

The IPDC’s main strengths are represented by his highly specialized professionals and the working agreements with different national and foreign institutions, it exchanges with them working complementary elements.

The main assets of the IPDC, are the information, the technology, and the available equipment, with which is able to execute projects of great added value and high quality, characteristic of a company of vanguard, leader in systems of geographical information.



Provide structured geographical information, opportune and concise, in all the fields of the national chore, to contribute to the economic development of the country..



The IPDC is able to integrate, to consolidate and to complete the whole domestic social, economic and territorial information, in a great digital database that will be good to build the National Geographical Information System


Permanent innovation, timely acquisition of the latest technology and permanent personnel training, providing a total quality service.

The IPDC’s passion is the geographical information for the economic development and its inspiration is the country that we should build.