The national policies about the building industry and transport, as well as the administration of the road infrastructure, are more and more been supported by the new technologies of GIS. For this the IPDC develops innovative models of data that integrated to the systems of planning of the national government, allow the strengthening and capacity expanding of the public administration of housing and the public and private transport system.


  • Logistics of routes and deliveries.
  • Surveying of routes and corridors.
  • Dynamic monitoring of vehicles.
  • Infrastructure of roads.
  • Terrestrial, aquatic and air sailing.
  • Consults and routes by Internet.
  • Environmental researches.


  • Good location of projects / localization analysis.
  • Pre- feasibility and feasibility of projects.
  • Topographical surveying and marking out
  • Calculations of volumes (cut and fill).
  • Roads design
  • Profiles
  • Optimization of lineal projects.
  • Urbanism / Architecture.
  • Environmental administration / handling plans.
  • Land models (DTM / DEM).
  • Environmental researches.