Project Description Client Execution Period
1 Cadastral Elaboration of COINDE Cadastral elaboration and data processing of Coinde's instalations COINDE September of  1999
2 Software development and elaboration of the data base Acquisition of commercial information, design and data base processing  (data engine  DBSM)  Inversiones Multinacionales E.I.R.L. December of 1999
3 Implementation of Geographical  Information System
Geographical Information System for real-state properties in Lima
Inmobiliaria y Constructora Peruana
February of 2000
4 Implementation of the SCI's Digital Information System
Digital Information System for the administrative and operative area and the elaboration of an alphanumeric and graphical data base   SCI INTERNACIONAL GROUP CO. LTDA October of 2000
5 Modernization of Tactical Military Examinations   GIS project for the automatize of the military maneuvers and the elaboration of the digital programs for tactical exams Ministerio de Defensa February of 2001 
6 Development of Digital Information System
Digital Information System: Administrative System and  Graphical Information System Clínica Rodsil June of 2001
7 Implementation of Digital Information System
Software of Management and Information: logistics, operation and administration  Constructora Inmobiliaria Huascarán S.A. August of 2001
8 Implementation of  Geographical Information System
Model data base and elaboration of the GIS  for the operation of the ambulances in the great Lima area Alerta Medica january of 2002
9 Design and Implementation of the Digital Information System of the San Agustín Clinic
Development of the ambulance routes GIS Clínica San Agustín June of 2002
10 Development and Implementation of the ONIT's Administrative software
Administrative and commercial system for all the organization managment
ONIT November of 2002
11 Design and Implementation of the Digital Cadaster of the District  Implementation of the Director Plan and the district  cadaster Municipalidad Distrital de Santa Cruz de Flores january of 2003
12 Definition of the frontier between the cities of Cañete and Chincha
Technical report for the limits base for the DNTDT including the historical, social, cultural, political, geographical and economic study of the area    Gobierno Regional de Lima November of 2003
13 Market research: Measure of the radial tuning Market research of the radial tuning of Radio Union Radio UNION  Julio del 2003
14 Technical and geographical service to base the border of Cañete's Province Elaboration of the technical and legal process for the perform of the city border  Municipalidad Provincial de Cañete November of 2003
15 National survey for the electrical services quality 2003  Annual survey for the quality of the electrical services (processing information of all the electrical dealers in the country) OSINERG November of 2003
16 Huancayo's commercial cadaster for the  water system  Service of Topography Geodesy and GIS  with level curves every 2 m. of eight Huancayo's districts  SEDAM HYO SAC. December of 2003
17 Software development of the company managment
Programming of commercial information, Accounting and Logistics  MIVICOM. S.A.C.  january of 2004
18  Consultancy of the revegetation and reforestation of the Camisea gas pipe  Diagnose of the reforestation effect of the Camisea Gas pipeline between Malvinas and  Apurimac river OSINERG July of 2004
19 Service geodesic and topographic points
Location of three topographic points   SOCIEDAD MINERA AUSTRIA  DUVAZ August of 2004
20 Digitalización of the Peruvian National Parks maps  - INRENA  Service of scanning, vectoring and digitalization of 220 maps (scale 1/25000 ) PETT – INRENA August of 2004
21 Photogrametric service Elaboration of topographic maps, scale 1/5000 with level curves every 5.0m  HUNT OIL COMPANY OF PERU November of 2004
22 Cartographic services
maps to scale 1/25000  Embajada de Alemania May of 2005
23 National public opinion survey of the Perception of the public labor of OSINERG  Survey of perception of public opinion with regard to OSINERG and Concessionaires, as well as on the labor of the Field units  OSINERG September of 2005
24 GIS of the risks module for the MEM Hydrocarbons area GIS development for the main area of MEM's Hydrocarbons (processing graphical and alphanumeric bases)  Ministerio de Energía y Minas November of 2005
25 Topographical services  Topographical services of several lands JJC Contratistas Generales S.A. Diciembre del 2005
26 Topographical map elaboration of Matarani - Arequipa road Perimetrical plans, location in coordinates UTM of adjacent zone with the Road Matarani - Arequipa Ministerio de Defensa – FAP (ALAR3) December of 2005
27 digitalization 1/25000 Digitalization of topographical maps and DTM  Minera MAJAZ S.A. January of 2006
28 Base line of the Paracas bay biodiversity Consultancy for the biodiversity (flora and fauna) Osinerg August 2006